Luncheons: Anne Ulku Recap



AIGA Minnesota Welcomes
Director of Diversity and Inclusion

Minnesota is pleased to announce that a new member has been elected to serve on the organization’s board of directors, effective immediately.


AIGA Minnesota Luncheons took on a new path this year. We started our journey at Lake Monster Brewery with Anne Ulku. The event was a hit with attendees, allowing them to try out Vietnamese fusion food with Peep’s Hot Box, grab a drink, and hear a personal design success story in an intimate setting.


Anne’s message revolved around finding her path in a professional field, realizing she wasn’t where she needed to be, and succeeding through a lot of hard work and self-motivated design projects. In fact, a good portion of her success came from a 365 project she started on her Instagram account.


Attendees were also thrilled to receive posters in a Q&A raffle at the end of the event.


If you would like to experience the all-new Luncheons, we have a new event coming up Thursday, July 28 with Zeus Jones at Urban Eatery.

Photography and summary by Phen Grant and Leah Edelman-Brier.