Fresh Squeezed: Kent DuFault



AIGA Minnesota Welcomes
Director of Diversity and Inclusion

Minnesota is pleased to announce that a new member has been elected to serve on the organization’s board of directors, effective immediately.

Recap written by: Kelly O’Donnell and Maddy Haigh
Photos taken by: Kelly O’Donnell

Many insights were gained June 18, 2016 at Fresh Squeezed with Kent DuFault.

Kent, joined by his wife and fellow creative Clarissa, led a small, intimate group in a collaborative conversation about storytelling, photography, writing, and the overall creative journey. By expressing the necessity for his personal voice to be seen and heard in his photos and writing, Kent has stood out in his profession and made a career for himself doing just that. In true storytelling fashion, Kent read some of his favorite personal short stories to the group, including the first story where he felt he had discovered his tone as a writer and one that had come in first in a writing competition. The writings he shared came largely from his past experiences, which are what make his work so unique. Kent rattled off a laundry list of positions and jobs that he has held, each of which taught him something different or inspired a story.


We discussed his journey to various positions in writing and photography, as well as different techniques and inspirations. He reassured the group that it is okay to do other things in order to keep fueling your passion, and the key to getting through life is staying positive no matter the situation. Make the most of everything and hey, who knows, one day you will be able to tell your story to someone else too.