Fresh Squeezed: Julie Anixter



AIGA Minnesota Welcomes
Director of Diversity and Inclusion

Minnesota is pleased to announce that a new member has been elected to serve on the organization’s board of directors, effective immediately.

Summary by Connor Blacksher and Maddy Haigh. Photo by Kelly O’Donnell.


Fresh Squeezed with Julie Anixter was beyond one of a kind. It was also one of the earlier-in-the-morning Fresh Squeezed events, but that was more than okay. Everyone gathered at Common Roots in Minneapolis at 7:30 a.m. to hear about Julie’s path to AIGA Executive Director.

From the moment she arrived, Julie was extremely animated and engaged with each member in attendance. Her life motto is, “I can figure it out,” and by the various stories she recounted for the group of her experiences and choices throughout her career, she has done just that. Julie shared great stories about new jobs, losing a job, and drinks with Sean Adams (as well as a handful of other big names in the industry). Her biggest nugget of advice? “Don’t be afraid to want what you want; it clears up your decision making in an instant.”


Julie is wildly passionate about helping designers, especially the younger generation, and permeates the room with countless pieces of advice throughout each story and conversation. She has been agile in her career with saying “yes” to opportunities she is passionate about and serves as a great role model for each member of AIGA.

Julie truly inspired everyone at brunch with her passion for the design community. She engaged each attendee with her genuine advice and left everyone feeling a bit more passionate about their careers. “We’re always in transition, moving from day to night, in to out, good to bad; and as designers, we can design those transitions.”