2013 Volunteers Party



AIGA Minnesota Welcomes
Director of Diversity and Inclusion

Minnesota is pleased to announce that a new member has been elected to serve on the organization’s board of directors, effective immediately.

November 9th, 7:00pm
until 11:59pm

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Volunteers, if you did not receive the RSVP email link for this party, please contact Michelle Hagen to make sure your name is on the list for the party.

Purely crazed are those who freely give their time and heart when there is hardly any left to be given. Absolutely stark raving mad is what you call a designer that finishes work at five and only to work more for others for free. Yes that’s right mad, as in full of crazy good. Well let me tell you something, the best AIGA Volunteers usually are. How else could AIGA Minnesota be the fourth largest chapter in the country?

We are completely run by volunteers that make at least six impossible things happen before breakfast and run over 75 programs yearly. It almost isn’t plausible, but it is a very good reason to throw our volunteers a thank you party and celebrate the fact that we’re all mad here.

This event is by invitation only.

Please save this date if you have volunteered on an AIGA Minnesota committee in 2013. Watch your mailbox for the official invitation for you and your +1, as well as the event’s secret location. Don’t worry, we won’t require you to travel through any rabbit holes.

Sponsors: We are currently seeking donations for the party. If you’d like to help thank our volunteers, consider becoming a sponsor by donating a door prize or making a cash donation.