Scholarship Opportunities

The AIGA Minnesota Education Committee is proud to coordinate $10,000 in scholarship opportunities for AIGA student members who are registered to attend Portfolio 1-on-1®. Please direct any questions concerning scholarships to Angela Niemi, AIGA Minnesota Director of Education.

Application deadline: Friday, March 25, 2016, 5:00pm

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2016 Description of Scholarship Opportunities

AIGA MINNESOTA SCHOLARSHIP: $1,500 (two available)
These scholarships are made possible through AIGA Minnesota and its members. We’re one of the largest chapters in the nation, serving more than 1,250 members throughout Minnesota and the Upper Midwest.

This scholarship is made possible by the Minnesota recipients of the Fellow Award, the highest honor an AIGA chapter may bestow on one of its members.

This scholarship is made possible by Tim Larsen, founder of Larsen, and a AIGA Minnesota Fellow. Tim has served as the founding member of the Minnesota design community and has always played a key role in design education.

An interactive-focused scholarship made possible by a generous donation from Clockwork. Clockwork is a digital agency that delivers enduring, interactive products and experiences to their customers around the world.

To be eligible for the Clockwork Scholarship, you must include a minimum of three interactive submissions as part of your portfolio. Please provide links to these three submissions. Accepted interactive submissions include, but are not limited to*:

• Websites
• Mobile Applications
• Email Newsletter Design
• Game Design
• Location-aware and Augmented Reality Experiences
• Motion and Environmental Design
• Kiosk and Touchscreen Experience Design
• Online Advertising (Banner/Rich Media Ads, etc.)

*The interactive landscape is ever-changing. Please feel free to challenge us by suggesting new and innovative ways of delivering innovative user experiences.


This scholarship is made possible through a donation by Franke+Fiorella—a leading brand identity design consultancy. We build iconic brands for local and multinational clients through thoughtful brand strategy and engaging identity design.


GoKart Labs is a purpose-built group of cross-discipline talent with an inventive spirit. We imagine, build and grow businesses. Informed by data, we apply a human-centered design methodology to creating digital experiences that solve human needs. Our work sparks ideas, applications, platforms, and new business models.

Do you have a curious mind? Do you think of yourself as not just a design-doer but a design-thinker? Do you like to invent and design the vision for what makes the best user experience? To be eligible for the GoKart Labs Scholarship, you must include one project that demonstrates solving a human problem creatively through technology.