Portfolio 1-on-1®

Portfolio 1-on-1® 2017 will be April 7th & 8th.

Portfolio 1-on-1 is a premiere event for students to interact directly with professionals and other students in the design field. The premise of the event stays true to it’s name–each review provides a personal experience for student and reviewer alike.

Year after year, students and reviewers are united in their passion for design and a common goal to further the community and future of design as a whole. By default, students meet at least three professionals, creating the foundations for a multitude of connections. These connections provide opportunities to branch out into further interactions, weaving a web of possibilities.

The Portfolio 1-on-1 student conference has become the premier regional event for putting developing design students and their books in front of experienced creative professionals for intensive reviews, constructive conversations, and valuable connections. Check out photos from previous years (20152014, 20132012) to get a feel for what Portfolio 1-on-1 is all about.

Email portfolio1on1@aigaminnesota.org with questions.