Entry Categories

  1. Interactive (web sites, blogs, community, mobile, edirect/viral)
  2. Motion Graphics (broadcast graphics, film titles, music videos, animation, video graphics)
  3. Print (brochures, direct mail, posters, print ads, etc.)
  4. Publications (books, magazines, annual reports, newsletters, catalogues, etc.)
  5. Branding (stationery/business systems, identity marks, etc.)
  6. Environmental Graphics (wayfinding, outdoor advertising, exhibitions, etc.)
  7. Packaging (consumer goods, CDs and DVDs, etc.)
  8. Miscellaneous (invitations/announcements, illustration, apparel, photography, typeface design, etc.)
  9. Campaign (a series of conceptually related pieces covering multiple categories, judged as a group)

Categories are provided to help assist in the submission process and do not represent the full range of design work accepted for consideration. Submit your entry based on the category that most closely describes it. Work is not judged on category but on effectiveness of design.

Only items printed or produced between April 2014 and April 2016 are eligible for submission.