2014 Award Winners

Congratulations to the 2014 Award Winners!

2014 Award Winners are now showcased on the 2014 winners’ site.

Designer or Design Firm


3e – The Life Time Agency Life Time Commitment Day Campaign 2013
3e – The Life Time Agency Life Time Discovery Book – January 2014
3e – The Life Time Agency Life Time Foundation Cookbook
3e – The Life Time Agency Life Time Kids Academy Characters
Angel Bomb American Manifesto
Angel Bomb Letter-dropping Deck 2.0
Ashley Hohnstein Fido
Beth Sicheneder Whanganui School of Design Posters
Judge’s Choice: Yves Peters
Brian Danaher Destroyer gig poster
Brian Danaher Junip gig poster
Brian Danaher Nada Surf gig poster
Brian Danaher Sea Wolf gig poster
Carolyn Porter Typeface Design: Marcel Script
Colle+McVoy All-Set Card Set
Colle+McVoy Exponent PR Website
Colle+McVoy Joe Stone Identity
Colle+McVoy Life Is Short. Stay Awake For It.
Cue el Jimador Tequila Rebrand
Cue Thymes Studio Collection
Danielle Voigt Doubting Thomas Farms Produce Packaging
Green Leaf Award
Derek Bressler Fowler Wine Labels
EPIC Minnesota Youth Farm Rebrand
FAME Design Camp 2013 Gather ‘Round
FAME FAME Website 404 Page
FAME King Solutions
FAME King Solutions
FAME MyBurger Stadium Village
FAME MyBurger Stadium Village
Fellow First & First – Brand – Fellow
Fellow First & First – Interactive – Fellow
Fellow Target – Start Seeing Freeskiing – Motion – Fellow
Fellow Target Ticket – Motion – Fellow
Haberman Schell’s – “We Are German Craft”
Haberman Urban Organics website
Ideas that Kick Adirondack Pet Food
Illume go be lovely
Illume Stackable Candles
KNOCK, inc. Caribou Holiday Videos
KNOCK, inc. Children’s Theatre 2013-2014 Brochure
KNOCK, inc. Children’s Theatre Ball and Bash Invite
KNOCK, inc. East African Bakery Logo
KNOCK, inc. East African Bakery Site
KNOCK, inc. Handsome
KNOCK, inc. Neighbor Identity
Latitude Elevation Report
Judge’s Choice: Alice Bybee
Latitude Game Changers
Life Time Athletic Events Athleta Esprit de She Brand
Little Fair State Identity
Little Fair State Website
Little Little Valentine Vulture
Little LSI City Posters
Little Marketplace Identity
Lucas Richards I Know How To Ni Hao
mono Blu Dot Musical Chairs
mono Nibblr
Judge’s Choice: Jennifer Sharp
mono Nibblr
Olson Belize Rebrand
Olson NXMW Summit
Olson TravelBelize.org
Peggy Lauritsen Design Group Jeremiah Program Annual Report
Periscope Eco Crate
Periscope Great Clips: ClipsNotes Posters
Periscope Miss Mary’s Mix Campaign
Periscope Mural
Judge’s Choice: Brian Edlefson
Periscope Prairie Organic Vodka, Prairie Made
Periscope Rebrand for Periscope
Periscope The Evolution of Walter White
Periscope TreeHouse Annual Fundraising Gala,
“Bloom: A Time for Transformation”
Replace, Inc Equal = Love
Riley Hayes Makers Cafe Packaging
Stacey Shaller Crossroads: Fleet Farm Re-imagined
Studio On Fire 2014 Desktop Letterpress Calendar
Studio On Fire AIGA Head Heart Hand MSP Culture Guide
Studio On Fire Bang Brewing
Sussner Design Company Animal Humane Society Adoption Campaign
Sussner Design Company Exactomundo
Sussner Design Company McDavid Case Study
Sussner Design Company NODA Logo
Sussner Design Company Sussner Office Graphics
Target Creative Hello Neighbor – posters
Target Creative Target Creative Pinewood Derby
Target Creative Target GiftCards
Target Creative Target House Carnival
The Thorburn Group DXV Launch Kit
The Thorburn Group Polaroid Share Life (Art Direction)
ThinkDesign Group ThinkDesign ThinkMore, Use Less mailer
Green Leaf Award
Tilka Design Morris Admissions Materials
Ultra Creative Boissons de Madame Babineaux
Judge’s Choice: All Judges
People’s Choice
Veto Design Of Beards and Men
Walker Art Center design studio Abraham Cruzvillegas: The Autoconstrucción Suites
Walker Art Center design studio Internet Cat Video Festival campaign
Walker Art Center design studio Painter Painter exhibition campaign
Walker Art Center design studio Rock the Garden poster
Walker Art Center design studio Walker Art Center Artist-Designed Mini Golf campaign
Westwerk Essential Juicery Branding
Westwerk King Solutions Website
Westwerk Pikes Peak Brewing Company Rebranding
Will Manning Abends Sausage Lounge
Will Manning Schwarz Top Shelf Cat Food

2014 Award Winners are now showcased on the 2014 winners’ site.