Why I Should Attend Design Camp®

Design Camp is one of the last truly unique creative conferences, and the original conference for design. It was designed in 1980 to be a getaway for graphic designers to experience life away from the studio, and to more intimately understand the successes, goals, and struggles of their peers in the field.

The opportunity to be actively idle with others in the design trade is what makes camp worth joining.

Fellow attendees include internationally renowned keynote speakers, folks from Minnesota’s most in-demand firms and studios, and the most important, potential connections: the colleagues you did not previously know you had.

The investment required to attend Design Camp is always kept as low as possible. AIGA is a 100% volunteer-run organization, so the folks running the operation have donated countless hours to coordinate the event, and the goal is to create a design-based engagement that is open and available to everyone who can make it up to the woods. When other conference ticket prices can be in the thousands, access to Design Camp has remained a fraction of that.

Design Camp is an opportunity to develop, expand, and sharpen your set of skills in a variety of design practices. It has been created for you to be able to learn approaches to design challenges from new perspectives.

Historically, Design Camp sells out. Please register as soon as possible.

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