James Edmondson

Type designer
OH no Type Co.

James T. EdmonsonJames was voted LVP during his short lived little league career. Because he spent class time looking at nudie mags slipped into text books, James barely graduated high school. College was a difficult time not because of his poor reading comprehension and lack of athleticism, but because of the crippling depression that often accompanies talentless 19 year old virgins. After graduating from California College of the Arts, James received a masters from the TypeMedia program at The Royal Academy of Art in The Hague, Netherlands.


Kate Bingaman-Burt

Associate Professor of Graphic Design at Portland State University, Illustrator
Twitter: @katebingburt 
Instagram: @katebingburt 


Kate Bingaman-BurtKate Bingaman-Burt makes work about the things we buy and the feelings we feel. The building blocks of her work include: bright colors, hand lettering, inventories of illustrated objects, and input and interaction from the communities of awesome people who contribute to her crowd-sourced projects. Her dual roles as commercial illustrator, full-time educator, and project-based artist overlap inform an intricate creative practice. She is the Associate Director of the Art+Design School at Portland State University and an Associate Professor of Graphic Design. Her role as both leader and collaborator with her students is an integral part of her creative practice.


Val Head

Twitter: @vlh
Instagram: @vlh


Val HeadVal Head is a designer based in lovely Pittsburgh, PA. Her work ranges from projects on the web to interactive installations to print. She is the author of The Pocket Guide to CSS Animations, teaches CSS Animations on Lynda.com, and hosts the All The Right Moves tutorial screencast.

You can find her on stage speaking at events like An Event Apart and encouraging others to do the same as the co-host of the Ladies in Tech podcast. She also founded the popular Web Design Day Conference, and leads workshops around the world on Interface animation for the web.


Cast Iron

Richard Roche and Jonathan Black


Principals and Co-founders, Cast Iron Design
Twitter: @castirondesign

Instagram: @castirondesign



Jonathan BlackRichard Roche

Cast Iron Design is an environmentally responsible design studio located in Boulder, Colorado, operated by co-founders Richard Roche and Jonathan Black. The studio’s mission is to pair good design with positive impact by creating memorable brands, implementing environmentally responsible practices, and helping the design community do the same. Jonny is a proficient typographer, print production specialist (he has a collection of loupes), and all-around visual wizard. Richard specializes in creative direction, art direction, frontend development, and copywriting. Together they form a powerful megazord-type creature that could potentially destroy the world, but instead chooses to use its powers for good, not evil.


Jacob Escobedo


VP Creative Design, Cartoon Network / Adult Swim / Boomerang
Instagram: @coldpolars


Jacob EscobedoAs Vice President of Creative Design, Jacob Escobedo has been an integrated part of Cartoon Network and Adult Swim since 1999, acting as a compass for each brand’s ever-changing and uncompromising visual aesthetic. The Nevada-born, Atlanta-based illustrator and designer doesn’t call it a day there, however, always with another side project or two in the works. He’s the man behind a number of iconic album covers (Broken Bells, Vampire Weekend, The Shins, Danger Mouse), commissioned New Yorker illustrations, eye-popping tour posters, and any number of varied personal projects. And his stylistic vision seems to shift with every new wrinkle added to his repertoire (David Lynch once emailed him about a joint project, simply writing, “TRY HARDER”). It may not always be immediately apparent where Escobedo has lent his talents, but that only speaks volumes of his versatility and vast experience.



Host and Emcee: Brent Stickels

Brent StickelsBrent Stickels is a co-founding partner of YYES, a design studio established in 2000 and headquartered in Los Angeles with offices in Minneapolis and Boulder. A writer and designer with a background in advertising and film, Brent and his studio work with clients undergoing substantive transitions to their brands, business models, and communication strategies.