Past Presidents



AIGA Minnesota Welcomes
Director of Diversity and Inclusion

Minnesota is pleased to announce that a new member has been elected to serve on the organization’s board of directors, effective immediately.

2014-2016: Jenny Price, President
2012-2014: Jenny Schmitz-Hinshaw, President
2010-2012: Seth Johnson, President
2008-2010: Christina Jackson, President
2006-2008: Jim Madson, President
2004-2006: Amy Anderson, President
2002-2004: Scott Geiger, President
2000-2002: Joelle Sather (née Anderlik), President
1998-2000: Doug Powell, President
1996-1998: Dan Woychick, President
1994-1996: Grant Pound, President
1992-1994: John DuFresne, President; AIGA Minnesota Fellow (2012) 1
1990-1991: Paul Wharton, President
1988-1989: Jo Davison (née Strand), President
1986-1987: Carol Capistrant, President 2
1985-1986: Mark Odegard, President, MGDA
1984-1985: Bruce Rubin, President, MGDA
1983-1984:  Heather Olson (née Soladay), President, 
MGDA; AIGA Minnesota Fellow (2012) 3
1982-1983: Robert “Bob” Fleming, President, MGDA
1981-1982: Dale Johnston, President, MGDA
1980-1981: Timothy “Tim” Larsen, President, MGDA; AIGA Minnesota Fellow (2007)
1979-1980: Patrick Redmond, Chairman > President, MGDA 4
1978-1979: Peter Seitz, Chairman, MGDA; AIGA Minnesota [first] Fellow (2000)
1977-1978: James “Jim” Johnson, Chairman, MGDA
1976-1977: Timothy “Tim” Larsen, Founding Chairman, MGDA; AIGA Minnesota Fellow (2007)


1. 1992-1994 First time AIGA Minnesota President is two-year term
2. MGDA becomes AIGA Minnesota (AIGA Minnesota Chapter) in 1986
3. First female president
4. Although elected with the title “Chairman”, title was changed from “Chairman” to “President.”