Past Presidents



Honors Bestowed,
Fellows Feted,
Good Vibes Felt by All

If you were to describe the AIGA Minnesota Fellow Awards event on Friday, October 10 at the American Swedish Institute in Minneapolis, you would be hard pressed to summarize it in a single word.

2012-2014: Jenny Schmitz-Hinshaw, President
2010-2012: Seth Johnson, President
2008-2010: Christina Jackson, President
2006-2008: Jim Madson, President
2004-2006: Amy Anderson, President
2002-2004: Scott Geiger, President
2000-2002: Joelle Sather (née Anderlik), President
1998-2000: Doug Powell, President
1996-1998: Dan Woychick, President
1994-1996: Grant Pound, President
1992-1994: John DuFresne, President; AIGA Minnesota Fellow (2012) 1
1990-1991: Paul Wharton, President
1988-1989: Jo Davison (née Strand), President
1986-1987: Carol Capistrant, President 2
1985-1986: Mark Odegard, President, MGDA
1984-1985: Bruce Rubin, President, MGDA
1983-1984:  Heather Olson (née Soladay), President, 
MGDA; AIGA Minnesota Fellow (2012) 3
1982-1983: Robert “Bob” Fleming, President, MGDA
1981-1982: Dale Johnston, President, MGDA
1980-1981: Timothy “Tim” Larsen, President, MGDA; AIGA Minnesota Fellow (2007)
1979-1980: Patrick Redmond, Chairman > President, MGDA 4
1978-1979: Peter Seitz, Chairman, MGDA; AIGA Minnesota [first] Fellow (2000)
1977-1978: James “Jim” Johnson, Chairman, MGDA
1976-1977: Timothy “Tim” Larsen, Founding Chairman, MGDA; AIGA Minnesota Fellow (2007)


1. 1992-1994 First time AIGA Minnesota President is two-year term
2. MGDA becomes AIGA Minnesota (AIGA Minnesota Chapter) in 1986
3. First female president
4. Although elected with the title “Chairman”, title was changed from “Chairman” to “President.”